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Cartina Costa del Sole - Isola d'Elba Costa del Sole was born in 1998 in order to promote the south-western coast line of the island of Elba. The area is one of the most beautiful of the whole island and includs the villages of Pomente and Chiessi, and the tourist centers of Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia.

The association regroups 15 hotels and 2 organisations specialized in assisting the guests in activities like trekking - kayaking - biking and diving.

Other associates are a local travel agency and a biking club with 60 members, as well as an institute for Marine Biology with headquarters in Fetovaia.

The philosophy of the association is to re-discover and promote the roots of the local peasant culture, the discovery of the local territory, the maintenance of the natural and cultural treasures and on top of all to maintain the global harmony of the territory in collaboration with other associations and the National Park of the tuscan Archipelago.